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L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre


Auditions are held monthly on Saturdays at 3PM, Sundays at 5:30 PM, Mondays at 7PM and Wednesdays at 6PM (call to confirm). All improv. Nothing needs to be prepared. Auditions run 90 minutes and ages 16 and up may try out for our adult repertory company.

Auditions are for all levels in our company and all groups perform shows and split 25% of the box office receipts.

All "types" are welcome. To schedule an audition call Director Kent Skov at 818-710-1320 Ext. 1.

Teens 11-18 years old can try a rehearsal on Saturdays at 3pm to get into our teen improv group.

Kids 5-15 years of age can try a rehearsal on Sundays at 1pm to get into our kids group.

Teens & Kids can still audition by trying one rehearsal as an option. Call for details.

You do not have to audition to join a 4 week class and show.

To audition for our Stand-Up Division call Steve or Barb North at 818-347-5098