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L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre

Beyond Stand-Up

Late in 1992 the Stand-up Repertory Company was founded by Barb and Steve North at the L. A. Connection, Sherman Oaks.

The Stand-up Repertory Company was the first group of stand-up comedians to be part of a workshop and cast. The unique media of 'cast standup' gained popularity with audiences and received rave reviews. In January 1994, the show changed from once monthly to every Thursday night.

Barb and Steve North like to call it 'Beyond Standup' and believe the recent decline in live comedy popularity has to do with the sameness of performers and style. As Steve put it, too many doing the same kind of acts, too many comics, too few comedians. The format is too restrictive and repetitive. Too many comics need to loosen up and advance.

As a comedy team who have performed and/or written and produced over 30 networks and syndicated TV shows, they have coached privately (or on TV shows and sitcoms) over 500 comedians and actors from famous to beginners.

The show is offered every Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. at the L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre, 13442 Ventura Blvd., 4 blocks east of Woodman. For show information, call (818) 347-5098.

Call, write, or email Steve for more info:
Steve North
818 347-5098
Fax: 818 347-5099
email: Steve@funnycoach.com

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