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For adults 16-100 years old LAC has a wide range of classes availible. For membership dues call Kent at 818-710-1320 Ext. 1. All performing groups split 25% of the box office. Most rehearsals Size Limit is 24 for all classes. J.V.'s and upper levels may be larger.



Monday 7:30-10:30pm 1 group 24 players.

Tuesday: 7:30-10:30pm 2 groups 48 players.

Four games nightly all rehearsals taught geared for rotating performances. Rookie Directors are Lita Lopez, Deven Green and Steve Pinto


Sunday 5:30-10:30 1 group 32 players includes 2 show JAM session at 8pm.

Directed by Tyler Joley

New All-Stars and Veteran All-Stars

Wednesday 7:30-10:30pm 6 groups of 7-10 players each 52 total.

Our top level actors taught by Kent Skov, Deven Green, and Steve Pinto. Applied advanced improv technique.

Stand-up Comedy

Thursday 6:00-10:45pm 15 players

Includes a show at 8:30pm.

Cost $150. every month.

More info can be found at funnycoach

Talent shares a % of the box office.