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Children from the ages 5-15 years old can join "Comedy Improv For Kids By Kids and now a 19 year old program is avaliable."

Classes are designed to bring out your child's inhibitions and let their fantasies and creativity come out through this 14 year old improv program. The class and show teaches and introduces: characters, accents, space work, staging, music, stage combat, presentation, team building, trust, support, cooperation, listening, and spontaneity.

Nominated as "BEST KIDS THEATRE GROUP 2010" by Nickelodeon's Parents Connect website.

Saturday 12 noon Comedy Improv for Kids by Kids show for only $7

Children's Program is now in its 18th Season

Cost: $115 Per Month and includes 10 tickets.

Class starts at 1:00pm till 3:30pm-5:15pm show every Sunday.

Normally there are 2 groups with 32 players

Director- Kent Skov - Award Winning DGA Director and LAC Founder.

Assistant Director -Joe Spence

Kids share 25% of the box office

Same as Sunday's Kids 1pm Group. Offered to accomodate family schedules where Saturday class is more convenient.

Class size limit - 24 kids

Director - To Be Announced

Cost - Same as Sunday Class