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Kids at work


Teens ages 13-18 years old are welcome to audition monthly for group placement.

Nominated by Nickelodeon's Parents Connect website as "BEST KIDS THEATER GROUP 2010"

Classes are held Saturday 3:00pm-7:00pm

Class size up to 32 kids making 1 or 2 groups

Classes will end with a show at 5:30pm on Saturday.

Cost for classes is set at $115 per month(Includes 10 tickets to the LAC theater). Payable by credit card on a monthly basis and $1 per ticket.

One class trial is $40.

Kids share 25% of the box office.

Kids are trained in different improv formats geared towards performance including:
characters, accents, dialects, space work, staging, music, presentation, team
building, trust, cooperation, support, stage combat, listening, and spontaneity.

Time: 3:00pm Rehearsal     5:30pm Show

Class Size Limit: 32

Director: Kent Skov

Assistant Director: John Dardenne

Kids earn 25% of the box office and $1.00 per ticket sold (referred by member).